About Jim Paradise - lead trainer and founder of JP Consulting

Jim Paradise - Screen Printing and Pad Printing Consultant Through over twenty five years of hands-on and management experience in the screen printing and pad printing industry, Jim Paradise, lead trainer and founder of JP Consulting, has integrated his expertise in art and graphics design creation, pre-press, screen make-ready, cliche make-ready, ink formulation and color correction, print production and finishing and industrial graphics development into cross-functional capabilities. He has the ability to heighten the efficiency, productivity and quality capabilities of your screen printing or pad printing operation. Whether you are looking for expert guidance to improve one department, your entire printing process or help you to develop a new facility, Jim has the skills and experience to help make your shop a state-of-the–art operation.

Through years of dedication working in the screen printing and pad printing field, he has achieved great success as an art director, pre-press manager, project manager, production manager, process engineer and manager of graphics operations. This has given him the insights and knowledge of how to control and sustain the numerous variables, through the entire design and production process, which must be controlled to achieve the highest possible quality and throughput efficiencies.

Jim has excellent graphic engineering abilities and state-of-the-art technical knowledge in a wide variety of the latest screen print and pad print imaging technologies available today. Whether your company produces graphical interface overlays, POP marketing materials, graphics elements for OEM products, signage, decals and labels, promotional products, heat transfers, printed sportswear, industrial graphics, outdoor advertising or just about any screen printed or pad printed products, Jim can show you how to greatly improve all aspects of your manufacturing process.

Jim has worked with companies throughout the world and has enjoyed a high degree of client satisfaction. His clients are very pleased about the fact that after the consulting work is done, Jim makes himself available for phone and email consultation at no additional charge.

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Something to Think About

"A little pre-engineering goes
a long way to alleviate problems
in production..."

The goal of process planning is to propose the routing of a designed part and results in a sequence of operations and their parameters. It concerns and requires detailed information about the process.

Screen Printing

The goal of production planning, on the other hand, is to schedule, sequence and launch the orders introduced into the shop according to the enterprise's commitments to its customers and the priorities as such.

Quite often, staff will confer at a morning production planning meeting and discuss the schedule and any new jobs and think they have done the necessary process planning, when in fact the actual process to produce a job was not discussed.

Every job has its specific details and intricacies that must be addressed on an individualized basis. Potential problems must be solved prior to putting the job into production. Do not take anything for granted. A little pre-engineering goes a long way to alleviate problems in production.