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Something to Think About

"Everyday your staff does it
the same old way, you miss an opportunity to improve
profitability of your company..."

Screen Printing

I find quite often that many companies are using antiquated practices, processes, and procedures to produce their printed products. These practices are the same ones that were used when the company first started in business. Everyday your staff does it the same old non-effective and inefficient way, your company misses an opportunity to improve profitability.

Your current procedures are handed down from veteran employees to new employees, and each time this happens, if not documented, your processes and procedures get farther and farther away from the best practices necessary for your operation.

This is why it is extremely important that once you have processes and procedures that are working and giving the results required, you should document them. As new employees join your company, it is a time for whoever trains the new employee to refer to the documented procedures so as to insure consistency.