Mission Statement

  • We will strive to truly understand our client's passion and vision for their business.
  • We will learn everything possible about our client’s current process challenges and deficiencies.
  • We will execute an improvement plan using the latest technologies to transform these deficiencies into state-of-the-art processes.
  • We will do all of this with the up must care and precision so as to greatly improve your bottom line.

What Makes Us Different?

Why are we different from every other company involved in process optimization in the printing industry?

  • Because we are recognized process experts in screen printing and pad printing industry.
  • Before we commence with any consulting and training program, we first perform a detailed technical and skills audit of you staff, processes, and facility.
  • All training is based on best practice as applicable to the equipment and resources you have available and performed in your facility.
  • You will always achieve a measurable net financial gain.

We can make a huge gain in your productivity... Call us today.

Something to Think About

"Good communication is the key
to getting everything you want
out of a consulting company"

Taking a synergistic approach is paramount to having a successful consulting experience. You, the shop owner or manager know what your problems are because you have been dealing with them for a long time. So the more detailed and thorough your communication is with your consultant, the more your company will benefit from the experience.

It is difficult sometimes to admit that there are big problems with your production processes. "How did we let things get so out of hand..."? But it is your understanding of these problems and even more importantly, your vision of how you desire your operation to run that is vital for your consultant to learn.

The good news is that because you understand the intricacies of your shop and the potential for improvement, you can be the most valuable aspect of the improvement process through your communication with your consultant. Good communication is the key to getting everything you want out of any consulting company.