Screen Printing and Pad Printing Consulting and Training Services

New Facility Project Management

For companies with limited or no experience in screen printing or pad printing, setting up a printing facility can be a very difficult and exhausting task. There are a whole range of options to be researched, and decisions to be made. Even for those who are experienced in keeping apace of the latest industry developments it can be challenging.

JP Consulting can handle every detail of developing a new screen printing or pad printing facility. Because of our many years within the screen printing and pad printing field, we have a wide range of contacts and information which is often essential for anyone looking to expand their existing facility or start a new facility project within the printing industry.

Some of the decisions to be made are:

  • Is it cost effective to print in-house or sub-contract the work?
  • What processes are available?
  • Which process is most suitable for my application?
  • Which manufacturer or supplier should I use?
  • Which machine type should be purchased?
  • What ancillary equipment is required?
  • What services are required?
  • How should I layout my shop?
  • What floor space is required?
  • What consumables are required?
  • What is the likely cost?
  • What are the anticipated lead times?
  • What staffing levels will be required?
  • What will the print unit cost be?

Something to Think About

"You only have one chance
to impress a new customer..."

Screen Printing

When setting up a new operation, it is very important that you equip your shop and develop your processes to be able to produce what your customer will require. Often, new shops will waste valuable resources on the wrong equipment because they were led to believe by supplier sales reps that particular equipment was necessary.

When opening a new facility, cash flow is usually tight, so you cannot afford to spend money on equipment you do not need or can not properly utilize. It is extremely important to balance your equipment needs with your training needs.

The best bang for a new company's buck is a skilled workforce. I have seen stellar work done on a manual printing press when the operator was a skilled pressman. So in the beginning, be sure to hire a skilled workforce, and budget enough money to give your employee the proper training.

You only have one chance to impress a new customer. Skilled staff will assure that you produce a quality product from the very beginning.