What JP Consulting can offer your company is:

  • Production management skills training, to focus resources for maximum results, sustained improvement of processes, so as to dynamically affect the bottom line.
  • The ability to develop effective manufacturing systems for printed products through creative design solutions, excellent graphic engineering abilities, and state-of-the-art technical knowledge.
  • Quality management systems that utilize proven strategies to significantly cut costly waste, improve throughput efficiencies, and guarantee a high standard of product quality.
  • Training programs covering all variables necessary to yield a highly skilled workforce with the most up-to-date screen printing and pad printing knowledge and proficiency.
  • Extensive expertise in the areas of art, prepress, screen make-ready, clich√© make-ready, printing, finishing, die-cutting, embossing, inks, adhesives, doming, and substrates.
  • ISO Certified Lead Auditor, Total Quality Management, Statistical Process Control, and a desire to help your company reach superior process and product manufacturing capabilities.

screen printing and pad printing consulting and training

Jim Paradise, trainer and founder of JP Consulting has over 21 years of hands-on experience in every aspect of the screen printing and pad printing process. Because of his diversified experience, Jim is able to use his cross-functional capabilities to develop and execute problem solving solutions, which encompass every aspect of your production process.

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Something to Think About

"Catching problems in process is what can make or break a shop..."

Screen Printing and Pad Printing

Treat your internal customers like your external customers... maybe even better. Quality starts with everyone embracing the idea that the department they work in is a customer of all of the operations up-line. And like any external customer, internal customers should expect top quality work. Each department should require that the quality of the work coming into their department is up to the standards of what your external customers would require.

When each department realizes that their work will be inspected and scrutinized like external customers do to the final product, employees will start to connect in many ways to what is required to satisfy the customer.

So the important thing here is to be sure to empower your employees in each department with the same rights as your external customers have. That is, to have the right to say "This is not what I am expecting or require."

The money saved by catching problems in process is what can make or break a screen printing or pad printing shop.