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Hopefully the information on this page will help you to find the resources and answers you need to help you improve your screen printing and pad printing business. If you would like to share your information or training article resource on this page, please write to me in regards to that resource, and I would be happy to include it.

Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Int'l -
Advertising Specialty Institute -
Digital Imaging Marketing Association -
Printing Association of Florida -
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation -
International Sign Association -
Midwest Screenprinting & Graphics Association -
Outdoor Advertising Association of America -
Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute -
Promotional Products Association Int'l ->
Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators -
Technical Association of the Graphic Arts -
Screenprinting Technical Foundation -
Screen Printing Association of China -
Federation of European Screen Printers Association -
Screen Printing Association (UK) Ltd. -
Japanese Screen Printers Association -
Screen Web -
Air and Waste Management Associations -
American Chemical Society -
American Society for Testing and Materials -
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety -
Consumer Products Safety Commission -
Environment Canada -
National Fire Protection Association -
National Institute of Standards & Technology -
US Chamber of Commerce -
US Environmental Protection Agency -

Something to Think About

"It is your employees and their skills that drive your companies profits"

So often screen printing and pad printing shops are so busy getting out their products, that they have no time to improve their processes or to update their employees' skills. This can be a very dangerous path to take, because your competition may just be striving to stay on the cutting edge.

The important thing to understand is that your customer will constantly require faster turnaround times, better quality at the best price. If you do not have a program in place for continual improvement, you will eventually not be able to satisfy your customer's requirement. Soon they will find another printer who can.

The smart shop will have at least one person working on continual process improvement for a certain amount of hours each month. They will also be continually improving the skills of their employees. It is your employees and their skills that drive your companies profits. The best investment you can make is to develop your employee's expertise and their knowledge of good process through proper training.