JP Consulting and Training Methods

JP Consulting delivers practical hands-on as well as theoretical training covering all aspects of screen printing and pad printing. The training is performed on your premises, using your equipment. Each course is developed to suit your applications and requirements. So when we leave your facility, your new processes will be clearly understood by your employees.

Jim Paradise, our founder and lead trainer is a highly qualified industry expert who will work with your staff to understand their level of expertise, and then improve and enhance it. Whether they are new to the process or very experienced, the techniques that are taught will heighten their performance and open new avenues of skills and techniques.

JP Consultanting and Training Methods Effective targeted training is what JP Consulting offers their clients. Over the years, through diligent work, Jim Paradise has saved millions of dollars for his client companies by applying these proven techniques in the manufacturing environment. Companies have grown and flourished, and now have additional resources available to them to continue to invest in developing new techniques and products through quality training.

All this can take place in your factory. Your staff doesn't’t have to travel to the other end of the country to work on unfamiliar equipment with different consumables, in a non-familiar environment. We come to you and give your people the skills to get the best out of the available resources in your shop.

Since JP Consulting is an independent company, we have no ties to any machinery manufacturers or consumable suppliers. We are happy to work on all types of machines, of any age, at any location.

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Something to Think About

"One size does not fit all..."

Every screen printing and pad printing shop is different. That means that the training that each shop requires must be tailored to the particular needs of that shop. This is where a consulting and training professional can make a world of difference.

If you have been to any of the training seminars or classes given by a myriad of training or trade organizations, you learned fast that this training was very generic. This training was a one-size- fits-all approach, and when you returned to your shop, you were left with the daunting task of integrating what you learned into your processes. Because everything you do, and the way you do it is different than the little lab setting you received the training in, transferring this knowledge to positively affect the bottom line is very difficult.

For a process improvement and training plan to be effective, it must take place in your facility with your equipment, process parameters, and production challenges. When you add up all of the expenses of sending your staff away, including hotel, meals, travel and lost work, using an onsite trainer is the most cost effective.