Why Training?

Training is an investment in your company’s future growth and profitability. It is an investment in your most valuable asset... your employees. It is important to remember that your staff is more vital to your company than any equipment. Their skills and abilities are what your company relies on to produce high quality products, with minimal rejects, in the most efficient time. The proper training, skills and process improvement will not cost you anything in the long run because the returns on this investment usually are many times greater than what you actually paid for the training.

Employee Training Many companies are so busy getting their products out of the door, that they never take the time to update their capabilities. Then, several years later they realize that their competitors can do it better, faster, and cheaper. What happens next is not pretty... Companies that did not take the time to adopt and train in the latest technologies, invest in the most up-to-date equipment, and properly develop their production processes, find themselves on a continual downward spiral that is now very difficult to stop; until the doors of their businesses close for good. Like any other engineered process, screen printing and pad printing requires skills and understanding, and the best way to achieve this is through proper training.

Every year very expensive and sophisticated machinery is being introduced into the screen printing and pad printing industry, and control of all aspects of this equipment is essential. Downtime and rejects will destroy the viability of these new technologies, so there is a critical need for highly skilled operators and technicians. The greatest cause of quality variables are the inconsistencies in techniques that your employees adopt. Many times these bad practices are handed down over and over to new employees until your workers are so unaware of best practices that a complete and total retraining is necessary. Don’t let your business get to this point, because the “catch-up game” is usually a losing battle.

For a process improvement and training plan to be effective, it must take place in your facility with your equipment, process parameters, and production challenges. When you add up all of the expenses of sending your staff away, including hotel, meals, travel and lost work, using an onsite trainer and process consultant is the most cost effective.

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Something to Think About

"Training is an investment
in your company's future..."

It really doesn't matter what one pays for an investment. What's relevant is what one gets in return... One of the surest ways to jeopardize your company's future and increase the probability of troubled times is to look at training as a costly expense instead of a valuable investment. You will pay the price of not training or providing substandard training that operates only as a Band-Aid, in the long run.

Training plays a key role in enhancing productivity. Some form of periodic training or retraining is necessary to ensure that employees continue to perform at the anticipated and desired levels. The presence or implementation of training alone, however, cannot guarantee increased profitability. It is necessary that good objectives and teaching methods are applied along with a sound training implementation plan.

Periodic assessment of training results and corresponding modifications of training must also be put into action simultaneously.